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Positive Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is extremely important. Prepare your child for their first visit by reinforcing a positive dental exam experience.

Ways to maintain a positive attitude:

-Playing pretend dentist

– Reading books that involve a dental visit

· Recommended Reading:

“Show Me Your Smile!: A Visit to the Dentist (Dora the Explorer)” by Christine Ricci and Robert Roper

“Elmo Visits the Dentist” by Dalmatian Press

“The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist” by Stan & Jan Berenstain

– Go online! The American Dental Association recommends this interactive website for children:

Getting Started

Patients should visit the pediatric dentist every 6 months for a thorough examination. Before each appointment, patients are encouraged to brush their teeth.

Convenient Appointments

To ensure that every patient receives our Gold Standard of Care, verbal confirmation is required to secure all appointments.

As a reminder, we will contact you 2 days before your scheduled appointment.

How to verbally confirm an appointment

Answer our reminder call to verbally confirm

Return our reminder call to verbally confirm

If calling after hours, press “2” to verbally confirm


Written correspondence is given to our patients during most appointments. If a parent is not present during an appointment, the accompanying adult will be given these documents. Please make sure that you receive and review any pertinent information.

Parent Guidelines

You may choose whether or not you accompany your child to his/her dental appointment. Although we have experienced that some children do better without parents present, we are open to having you with your child. If you choose to be present, we suggest the following guidelines to improve the chances of a positive outcome:

  1. Allow us to prepare your child for the treatment procedure.
  2. Be supportive of our dental team and terminology we use. We are here to relieve your child’s anxiety.
  3. Most important, please be a silent observer, supporting your child with touch. These practices will allow us to maintain communication with your child. Children have a tendency to hear their parents voice above all others, which distracts them from hearing our instructions. We understand that you want to help, but you may give incorrect or misleading information.
  4. If asked to leave, please do so immediately. Many children attempt to take control of the situation by becoming uncooperative, and we have found that when the parent leaves the room, the child is more likely to listen to our instructions and settle down. We must control your child’s behavior to safely complete dental treatment. Please know that we will support your child at all times.

Due to the limited space in our rooms we can only allow one parent in the treatment room. If siblings are present, we ask that you remain with them in the lobby. Please be assured if there is any deviation of the original treatment plan, we will consult with you prior to continuing the treatment.

If you feel that the experience is too upsetting to your child you may request the doctor discontinue the treatment. Please understand the doctor may decide to discontinue treatment if the child’s behavior is uncontrollable and quality dentistry cannot be performed safely.

It is our goal to make your child’s visit a happy one, to encourage and to promote excellent oral health. These are very important ways that you can actively help in the success of your child’s visit. We are confident that these guidelines will help prepare you for the upcoming appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Dr. Laila B. Hishaw, DDS
Dr.Priya Y. Abramian, DDS